First Workout!

Today I ran my first workout with NYAC in Central Park proudly sporting my PUXC “spandex is a privilege not a right” tank. I mixed up my usual routine with a bit of speed work. The NYAC coach is named Spencer and is usually in attendance for Saturday 10am workouts but couldn’t make it today so the workout was OYO. I joined up with my old training buddy Reilly ’10, Mia ’07 and two other NYAC ladies for 4x800m, 4x400m and 4x200m at 90% effort on the outer loop. The workout got off to a rocky start when I couldn’t find the fountain where the group meets at the south end of the reservoir. I was looking for an actual fountain, not a water fountain. When I finally found the group we did drills and strides then warmed up for 10 minutes. Since everyone enters the park from different locations it is expected that you will have done some sort of warm-up before meeting the group. It is about 1.5 miles from The Aire to the fountain. We warmed up to the flat part of the outer loop on the Upper East Side near the Metropolitan Museum of Art and did our intervals there. Dodging the Saturday morning crowds was interesting but fun and it felt great to get my legs moving! The workout was completed with a stop at Rite Aid on the way back to The Aire for a Diet Dr. Pepper!! Glad to get the first workout with the team in the books.ย 


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