Does the day end in Y?

This past weekend I got my first taste of the weekend warrior training regime: workout Saturday followed by workout Sunday. I’m still recovering! I ran with the NYAC team both days and was reassured I would get used to the schedule. We’ll see about that . It is definitely quite a change from Coach Farrell’s recovery, moderate, hard cycle. With a full-time job it does make sense to jam the bulk of the mileage and intensity of the week into the weekends, run easy during the week and squeeze in a Wednesday night workout.

Last night I met up with the NYAC team manager at the club to pick up my uniform and discuss team expectations and personal goals. This morning I ran my usual Central Park loop (outer loop + 72nd St. traverse). My watch broke so I ran without one which was actually really nice! I will have to do that more often. I love running in the park. The energy is great and I usually see some familiar faces. This morning it was an old running buddy from CA who goes to Columbia. Tomorrow night I will meet up with the team for a workout in Central Park at 7pm.

Aside from training, I’ve been running errands, working on apartment logistics and getting my tan on. It seems like I end up making trips to Duane Reade and/or Trader Joe’s daily. Duane Reade is hands down the coolest convenience/drugstore I have ever been to. They have everything, even yogurt covered pretzels. The one nearest to The Aire is brand new and has a bar where you can get beer on tap! Only in NYC! Both Duane Reade and TJ’s are 5 blocks north on 72nd street.ย So is Urban Outfitters…

I’m really loving the Native American/Tribal print trends this season. At first I was only going to take a picture of this dress. Then I decided to try it on. Then you can probably guess what happened. I really shouldn’t have set foot in Urban in the first place. Living in the city without work to occupy me is dangerous!


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