Budgeting 101

Yesterday I had a workout in the evening so I laid low for most of the day. It gave me a chance to order furniture and bedding for my apartment, catch up on some correspondence and check a some things off my to-do list, one of which was getting my finances in order. I learned of the financial planning and budgeting website mint.com last year while working on an entrepreneurship project. The secure website allows you to aggregate all of your bank accounts, brokerage accounts and investments into one interface. Every transaction you make is narrowly defined and categorized so you can easily track your spending. The budgeting function is especially useful. I made a preliminary budget for when I start working. It is really mind boggling to see how much I spend on daily (un)necessities. Some things are definitely going to have toย  go! The site is awesome even if you still live with Mom and Dad. Definitely check it out!

Apart from the typically mundane task of budgeting which is somehow made fun by this website, I squeezed in some pre-lunch tanning, met up with a friend for coffee and discoveredย Frist salad 2.0 at Tasty Cafe. Whenever I am missing Princeton I will have to take a trip here! Although coming in at a solid two dollars above the price of a Ph.D. salad at Frist, the chain is a great and relatively inexpensive bet for the city.


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