See ya later NYC!

Today was my last day in NYC and although I’m excited for Greece I have to say I am definitely sad to leave. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m coming back, kind of. My stay at The Aire in the Upper West Side neighborhood is over. When I return from Greece on June 25th I will be moving into my apartment at 88 Leonard St. in Tribeca. I hope I’ll like my new neighborhood as much…

The day started with a 14 turned 16 miler in Central Park. Marisa joined me for the first 8 miles. When I’m living in Tribeca the Park while be a trek so sadly I will probably be logging most of my miles on the West Side Highway. After the run I walked around the neighborhood, did a little (window) shopping, and went to a craft fair at Lincoln Center. I wrapped up the day with a family dinner at the NYAC Tap Room. Sunday night dinners at the club have become somewhat of a family tradition starting a few months ago. Hoping to continue them next year.

NYC it has been fun! Back to Princeton tomorrow and off to Greece Tuesday!


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