Back to Princeton

Yesterday morning we left NYC around 10:00 to head back to Princeton. A broken suitcase and traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel set us back a bit and a flat tire on the NJ Turnpike set us back even further. When we finally arrived in Princeton we were running VERY behind schedule. I rushed to unpack and repack for Greece before practice started. At the same time my Mom tirelessly made trips back and forth from Greta and Alexis’s room where I had stored my stuff to the car. At at a little after 3:00 I dashed down to Jadwin for practice, unfortunately missing the group run by just a few minutes. After practice we had a team meeting in the lobby of Jadwin to discuss logistics. We were also given t-shirts to trade at the meets (see above).

Since there is not a single Panera in Manhattan, I thought a visit to the bakery-cafe for dinner was in order. After dinner I met up with some of the other girls at Fruity Yogurt. We hung out there for awhile before going back to the room. I called it an early night in an attempt to fall asleep on the plane tonight. Officially my last night as a college student in the Princeton dorms!

After a quick track workout I will head down to catch the bus to EWR at 2:00. Our flight leaves at 5:40pm. I’m all packed and ready to go!


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