Rave Run?

Since this trip is for running after all I thought I would post about some of the awesome runs we have been on. We’ve run with stray dogs in the Napflio countryside at sunset, marble paths lining the coast, and through many a plaka (old town square). We’ve seen the 2004 Olympic Track and run at the stadium where the first ever Olympic Games was held. We’ve run through protests outside Parliament in Athens and seen the changing of the guard. We’ve run along the coast in Aegina, a scenic Saronic Gulf Island. This morning we ran across the Rio-Antirio bridge. It connects Patras’ easternmost suburb of Rio to the town of Antirrio, connecting the Peloponnese peninsula with mainland Greece. It  is the World’s longest multi-span cable-stayed bridge. Completed just prior to the 2004 Olympic Games, it is a source of great pride for Greeks.

We’ve seen so many things! Yesterday we almost saw a little boy get hit by a train while riding his bike on the tracks and it is not uncommon to see men steering their vespa with one hand and holding an infant in the other! Exercise is not popular in Greece so we are quite the sight to see ourselves. Vespas and cars honk and people yell things at us in Greek.

Running in Greece is not bad at all! I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve always thought that running is the best way to explore the city!


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