Shake Shack

Finally made it to the Shake Shack tonight! The super popular restaurant has been on my list of places to go since arriving in the city. The restaurant touts itself as a modern day “roadside” burger stand serving the most delicious burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, beer, wine and more! The Madison Square Park Shack is the original and was featured in the movie Something Borrowed. The main characters frequented the restaurant for lunch almost everyday. The average wait time there is two hours. We went to the Upper West Side Shack and waited less than fifteen minutes. I had a hamburger and frozen vanilla custard with a chocolate truffle cookie-dough mix-in. They were both delicious!! I’ll definitely be back again.

Our visit to the  Shake Shack was prompted by a Facebook message Marisa and I received last week from our cousins who we hadn’t seen in eight years. They live in Greenwich, CT and had heard our parents moved to the city. We had a really great time seeing them and are hoping to meet up again soon!


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