Windsor Castle

Yesterday morning we took a train from Paddington Station in London to Windsor/Eton to see the Windsor Castle. We arrived in town early before the castle had opened so we strolled around. Windsor is your prototypical quaint and charming English countryside town. The castle is stunning and is the focal point of the town. Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world! Hundreds of people call the castle home and the Queen spends most weekends there. We toured the grounds, the State Apartments, Queen Mary’s Doll House, the chapel and saw the changing of the guard. Afterwards we had a quick lunch at EAT before walking across the bridge to Eton, home of the prestigious prep school Eton College. We returned to London around 3pm. In the afternoon we toured Hyde Park and visited the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. I returned to the park for a run before dinner. I’ve really enjoyed the change of scenery running in London. The Royal Park system is great! Dinner was chicken kabobs and hummus at a Lebanese restaurant named Noura followed by biscotti and hazelnut gelato at Scoop. We returned to the hotel for an early night to pack and get ready for our 7am train to Edinburgh, Scotland. We are on our way now!


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