Edinburgh, Scotland

On our way back to London from an awesome overnight stay in Edinburgh, Scotland! The city is unlike any I have ever seen. Visiting Edinburgh is like going back in time. The city looks a lot like it did 400 years ago! In the short time we were there we managed to see a lot. We arrived at around noon yesterday and were greeted by very typical Scotland summer weather: 60 degrees and rainy. After dropping off our bags at our hotel, which looked like a castle, we strolled the Royal Mile and visited the Edinburgh Castle. Afterwards we bought some souvenirs, got coffee to warm up and sent some postcards.

I didn’t see any runners or any places to run so I decided to hit the treadmill at the hotel gym. I wasn’t really in the mood for cobblestones or exploring on my own. After the workout, I met my parents for dinner at the hotel restaurant. ย After dinner we walked up to the Observatory at the highest point of the city. The views were breathtaking (see above)! We ended our walk at The Elephant House, birthplace of Harry Potter. We ate dessert at a table right near where J.K. Rowling scribbled the first few lines of the famous series! I’m really glad we got to Edinburgh. If I ever visit the city again I will be sure to bring warmer clothes!


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