Week in Review + Boston Marathon

84 miles
2 workouts
17mi Long Run
3 days in Boston

Capped off a great week of training with a mini vacation to Boston to visit and spectate the Boston Marathon! Great week of running all around. Came out of the Scotland 10k feeling good so did a progression run workout Tuesday night with the rest of Manhattan so it seemed! CNN clock read 80 degrees when I began my workout at 7pm. Quite the change from the weather we had been having. Felt good during the workout and was lucky enough to have a buddy the whole time. Wild workout weather continued on Friday and tried to get in the way of my attempt at being a “real runner” for the day. This time it was a torrential downpour but it couldn’t stop me! Took the day off from work so got to sleep-in and have breakfast before starting my workout at 10am. Think I could definitely get used to that schedule! After a successful workout I boarded the bus to Boston.

Met up with Terry for an awesome long run Saturday am around the river. Picked up Betsy for a loop around Cambridge! One month post baby and she is already rolling. Can’t wait to have her back in NYC in July. Made out like bandits at the expo in the afternoon!

Woke up early Sunday to cheer on Meagan in the BAA 5k and hopped in a cool-down/pre-race with her, Jay and a bunch of others after. Caught Donn in the Mile a couple of hours later. Stopped by the Janji Running pop-up shop with Terry after the races were over. Awesome organization founded by two Wash U runners with the goal of funding solutions and raising global awareness for the global food and water crisis through sales of high performance running apparel. Scooped up a bright yellow logo tee! Met with Meagan in the afternoon to make our Marathon Monday plan!

With the help of Terry we navigated our way to the town of Wellesley Monday am to catch the runners come through the half. Got in an awesome trail run beforehand and made it to our viewing spots with coffee in hand just in time for the elite women. Saw all of our people then jumped in the car to drive back to Boston. Our luck continued when we scored a parking spot right in front of Jay’s apartment. We ran over to the Hereford/Commonwealth intersection and made it just in time to see everyone again! Plan perfection! Had a blast cheering. Was so awesome to see the how much the race means to the city! Boston 2014?!

Considered scrapping this entry altogether after the horrific incident at the finish but thought better to try to remember how amazing the rest of the weekend was and to celebrate the accomplishments of the 17,000+ finishers. Still in disbelief. Have been replaying the scene that enfolded in front of me in my head over and over again. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.


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