Week in Review

84 miles
1 track workout
1 LR, 2 MLR
1 day in Princeton

Another really solid week! Really happy with workouts this week’s events aside. Took an easy day Tuesday after Monday’s MLR in Wellesley.  Hit the Park for a MLR with 5mi tempo Wednesday night. Was really excited to get out there.  Was sporting my yellow Janji logo shirt and was greeted by a sea of yellow and blue! Was so inspiring and got me very fired up for the workout. Ran into Caitlin on my warm-up so joined up with her for a few of the tempo miles. Was able to comfortably settle into a pace ~15 seconds faster than planned.

Took the train to Princeton Friday night after work to watch Maris, Ash and the rest of the Princeton squad run at the Larry Ellis meet! The wind and the humidity made for tough conditions but the girls made the best of it. Crashed in Princeton Friday night and woke up early Saturday for a track workout before the meet resumed! Get a bit scared to step on the track these days but I would call Saturday morning a success!! Warmed up with Marisa via Hamilton loop to the track and jumped into 2x(5x600m) after a few drills and strides. Was a couple of seconds below target for each interval. Felt so much better than I thought given paces and early hour! Getting very excited for my track 10k. Was thinking while doing it how we would have responded to Coach Farrell if he had told us we were going to do a “speed” workout at 9:30am on Saturday. Boy have things changed! Spent the rest of the day in Princeton. Had the best time hanging out with Maris in town and on campus (see her photo below), watching the meet and shopping with Bianca and Katie! Can’t wait to get back.

Sunday called for a 2hr long run. Woke up to sub 40 degree temps so bundled up in hopes of making my sore and tight hamstring a bit happier. Lots of yellow and blue again! Great way to wrap up the week!



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