Track is fun again (for now)

I promised myself I would take it easy this past winter after suffering through my first one in NYC. Things turned out a bit differently. I took it easy after the Philly Marathon at the end of November with my down time carrying over into the holiday season. After the New Year I eased back into workouts. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was back at it full force.

The NYC 1/2 was a race I swore I would never run again after dropping out in 2012. It was the first race that I’ve ever dropped out of and hopefully the last.  A text from NYRR elite race director David Monti in late January changed my mind. I was feeling fit and enjoying training, quite the opposite from the winter before. I toed the line at 7:30 am on March 17th in 28 degree temperatures with two goals in mind: 1) finish and 2) have fun. In the back of my mind I think I was also hoping to find more clarity as to what I wanted to do with my spring season. When I crossed the finish line at the South Street Seaport I had achieved goals #1 and 2 and a had a nice PR to go along with them! In the days that followed I started to feel a weird urge to run a track 10k. Weird because after starting work I never thought in a million years that I would want to get back on the track. A week after the half I had the day off from work so decided to make the trip down to Princeton and try my luck. I jumped in a 5 by mile workout with the girls and felt comfortable running 5:21 average pace with one minute recovery. That was good enough for me. The next day I started searching for an open 10k.  Coach Terry suggested the New Balance Boston Twilight Series 10k on May 18th at UMass Lowell. The Series serves as a last chance opportunity for collegiates looking to qualify for Regionals and allows open runners to race as well.

This week I completed my third track workout of the year. I made my way over to the East Side Track (Houston & FDR) from work running 4 miles around the tip of the island. The track is the only public track in Manhattan under 100th street so it is always quite an experience. Tensions run high over there and I always leave with a few new enemies… Workout called for 6 miles worth of in and out 800m alternating 5:20/6:00 pace for 800m splits of 2:40 and 3:00 respectively. There were a few collisions and some lane hopping action but I completed the workout successfully!

It has been really fun to get back on the track. Who knows how I will feel after the race hence the title of this post. Looking forward to May 18th!


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