Spring Training Resolutions!

I’ve been inspired by the arrival of spring (finally) to make a few training related resolutions! Effective immediately. Some are quantifiable and some are not.  I am posting to hold myself accountable. I’ll assess my performance in a month!
  1. Core 3x a week: I currently do core zero times a week
  2. Stretch: this isn’t happening either
  3. Chiropractor exercises 2x a week: meant to correct glute and hip weaknesses that are causing my hamstrings to overcompensate. If #1 and 2 are any indication here…
  4. Strides 1x a week
  5. No cross-training: been good about this but need to make sure I don’t fall back into my old ways. Have come to the conclusion that cross-training on top of 70-80 mile weeks is very detrimental. Better late than never I guess!
  6. Sleep more
  7. Eat healthier: going to start by cutting out gum, taking iron every night and drinking more water

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