Week in Review + Heps!

78 miles
1 track workout
1 spin class
2x core
2 days in Princeton

What a week! Because of a work conflict, I bumped up my mid-week workout to Tuesday.  It was a bit of a quick turnaround after the LONG tempo on Saturday am, but I felt okay once I got going. Terry had me do a short tempo dropping from MP for a mile (5:53) to HMP (5:46) and then ~10k pace for a half mile (2:44) followed by some “speed” which consisted of 4 x (1:30, 1:00, :30) @ ~5k pace with matched rest and a 3:00 easy jog between sets.  It was tough transitioning into the first set from the tempo. I was happy to see my times drop during set but happier that I am not racing a 5k anytime soon! These types of workouts are good for me but definitely not my favorite.

Wednesday I surreptitiously escaped from a work shindig with running backpack in hand. I  slipped into the nearest Starbucks and quickly changed into my running clothes and ran home. Thursday I went to my first SoulCycle class followed up by a run home.  Friday, my “off” day, consisted of an easy 7mi run.

I woke up Saturday am planning to do a 4xmile cut-down workout in 5:55, 5:45, 5:35, 5:25 with rest increasing from 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 respectively before heading to Princeton for Heps! I was tipped off by a NYAC teammate that a charity walk would be taking over Central Park. I optimistically jogged to the West Side Highway only to find an even larger walk taking place down there. I have never ever seen the path that crowded. I held out hope for about 4mi before coming to terms with reality.  Even though I wasn’t feeling great, the fact that my previous workout had been on Tuesday definitely added to my frustration. I continued on for about 3 more miles turning the run into a sub 7 minute medium long run. Even though the path was swarmed with people and bikes it was the most perfect running weather. I tried to settle down and enjoy the run as best as I could. I made it all the way up to the Little Red Lighthouse/ George Washington Bridge for the first time! Will definitely do this run again soon.  Got home and emailed Terry to ask for help making a new game plan before getting ready for Heps!!

Great afternoon of racing that left me so jealous I wasn’t out there even though the Ivy League has gotten a little scary!! Crashed with Marisa on Saturday night and woke up early Sunday to warm-up the track for the Hepsters (A.K.A. workout take two)! Had a couple of workout options but ultimately settled on 4 x 2k cut-down with 400m easy jog between repeats. Target paces through 1600m were 5:40-5:50, 5:35-5:40, 5:30-5:35 and same or faster for the last one. Actual splits through 1600m were 5:38, 5:36, 5:27 and 5:22 respectively. Wish the paces had felt a bit easier but given circumstances that required an 8:15am start and a pre-workout long run, I was generally happy. Took the long way back to Marisa’s dorm and saw her for a bit before she went down to the track to warm up for the 5k. Couldn’t find any good excuse not to stretch and do abs so rolled out the yoga mat. Was poking around for her Marisa’s foam roller and discovered The Stick! I know I am a bit behind the times here considering Marisa has had the thing since high school. I loved it and ordered a mini version this morning!

Made it down to the track a bit before noon for the start of Day #2. The rest of the day was a blur! Such and exciting meet! It was great to catch up with alums and athletes alike.  I am super motivated to get back to training for the 10k in less than two weeks and the US Half Marathon Championships a month after that! It was an amazing weekend full of running, friends and family.


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