Week in Review

74 miles
2x core
1 Pilates class
1 day in Spring Lake


I am getting antsy and a little scared to race again. It feels like it has been awhile! Felt a bit tired and sluggish this week which didn’t help, but got the work done. Started the week off with commute runs and a Pilates class with a co-worker. The class was surprisingly good and forced me to do all of the things that I don’t always make the time for i.e. core, chiropractor exercises (hip/glute strengthening) and stretching.

Was still a bit stiff from my Sunday track session when I hit the WSH from work on Wednesday for my mid-week workout. Running away from work is always liberating even if it means I need a suitcase to bring all of my stuff home on Friday night! Workout called for 2x2mi with first mile at tempo and second at ~10k effort (WSH adjusted) with a 4min easy jog between repeats and an optional final mile of strides (30s on/off) after the second 2mi interval. Was a bit overeager and paid for it later in the workout. Ran my first mile at 5:36 and my second at 5:30. After an easy jog I tried to settle back into tempo pace ~5:40s for the first mile of the second interval. I wasn’t  able to change gears for the final mile and struggled to run a 5:36.  Felt sore in weird places during the second 2mi interval. I think I might have gotten a bit ahead of myself with core, spin and pilates. Dr. Kiberd hasn’t been easy on my lately either… Knew I didn’t have the optional mile of strides in me so called it a night and jogged home.

Took it easy Thursday and Friday with commute runs. Went down to the WSH for my workout yet again on Saturday. The Health Kidney 10k was taking place in the park and I wasn’t willing to risk it even though it would have been really fun to watch. Roped Alex in for another marathon pace/ long run combo.  We got a taste of what is to come this summer with a muggy 94% humidity morning. Yuck! The plan was for 13-14 miles total with 7-8 miles in the 6:10-6:30 range and the option for the last two miles to be sub 6:00 pace if feeling good.  I started a bit fast but settled in (kind of ) after a mile or two. Had Alex for two miles or so. She wasn’t feeling great and was also trying to taper a bit more for the Brooklyn Half. Ended up averaging 6:15 for 9.8 mi including warm-up and 6:03 for the 7mi tempo portion with the last two miles at 5:59 and 5:51 respectively. Felt better than Wednesday for sure but not quite as good as I did two weeks ago when I did a similar workout.  Met Katie for an easy 10mi recovery run in the Park on Sunday to finish off the week. Went on the earlier side and enjoyed some peace and quiet!

Spent the rest of the day in Spring Lake with mom! Went to see the new house for the first time! We explored town, walked to the beach and had (local favorite) Surf Taco for dinner.  I scoped out my running route and the course for The Spring Lake 5! Can’t wait to get back there for Memorial Day weekend!!


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