NBB Twilight Meet #2

Goal: Run a PR (33:55; Mt. SAC 2010)
Actual: 34:08, 1st place, $$

Last night was the NBB Twilight Meet! After months of contemplating a track 10k it actually happened. All things considered I would say it was a success. I need to do a little more research but think this is my fastest 10k since 2010 (PR). Wasn’t the PR I was hoping for but a win is a win! This will be it for me on the track this year but would love to make a trip out to CA for an early spring meet next year.

As for the race itself, had Meagan and Jordan as warm-up buddies for our tour of Lowell of Industrial Revolution fame! The town definitely peaked back then. Did my standard warm-up routine on the infield before getting on the track for a few strides. Race was combined men/women. Apparently new IAAF rules allow this. We quickly separated after the gun went off with the girls following behind a NBB team member who was planning to rabbit 81.5 second laps for 2-3 miles. She did a decent job and we came through the 5k right at 17 flat. Coming down from half marathon training, the first mile was a bit of a shock to the system but things started to feel better as the race progressed. After the rabbit stepped off I ran behind another NBB girl for about a 1/2 mile more before she started to fall off pace. I took the lead with about 2.5 miles to go and was solo for the remainder of the race. I lost focus a bit during miles 5 and 6. If I had stayed on track there I think sub 34:00 would have been possible…After running a road PR at the Scotland 10k in early April, I assumed that a track PR would follow removing the road racing variables. Turns out I forgot how mentally challenging a track 10k can be and especially one that involves running the last third solo!

Couldn’t have done it without the amazing support from Terry and Meagan! The last race Terry watched me run (NYC Half 2012) and didn’t also run (Broad Street 2012), I dropped out of. This was definitely in the back of my mind and made this race a bit more of a mental battle. Was great to have him out there! Meagan patiently cheered, tweeted and photographed (below) through all 25 laps! She is a saint! Next time she will be out there with me whether she likes it or not!!



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