Week in Review

73 miles
1 track workout
1 track race
2x core
2 days in Boston

The weekend trip to Boston was definitely the highlight! Checked off a couple of historical sites on the trip too with both visits to both Lowell and Salem. Pushed my mid-week workout ahead a day to Tuesday to give myself a bit more recovery time before the race Saturday night. Was feeling up for a trip to the track so adapted Terry’s WSH workout a bit and jogged the ~4 miles over to the east side after work. Found tons of friends at the track when I arrived. Reminded me of team track workouts. Was perfect weather too! Workout called for some 5k (400s & 200s) and 10k (800s) pace work. Ran 4×400 (200m jog); 4x800m (400m jog); 4x200m (100m jog) all comfortably under target pace. The rest of the week was pretty standard with commute runs. Took an extra easy day for a mini race taper.

Left for Boston after work Friday. Finally arrived at a family friend’s beautiful apartment in the Beacon Hill neighborhood after an epic 5.5 hour bus ride. Definitely had a few why am I doing this moments on the ride up and decided that I am going to “splurge” on the train next time around. Enjoyed sleeping in and was happy not to have a morning race for all of about three hours before I started to get antsy! Did a short shakeout around the Charles to try to get rid of my bus legs and then met a friend for coffee on Boylston. Strolled around a bit more, visiting the Marathon Memorial and The Public Garden, before heading back to the luxurious apartment I had to myself! Spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready and relaxing in the apartment’s courtyard garden. Terry picked me up at 4:30 to drive to the meet! After the meet we went to a local burger joint for dinner where we were in the company of a number of runners. Went home to Salem with Meagan after dinner.

Had a great morning in Salem! Ran through the downtown area with Meagan before picking up a trail that took us out to Marblehead. Did a loop around the “neck” before heading home. Amazing scenery! This run belongs in the Runners World feature. Finished at a local bakery to pick up brunch before heading back to the apartment. Meagan was a good influence and had me stretching and doing core before/during/after bites of food helping me bring my core tally for the week from a dismal one to a marginally less pathetic two. Took the commuter rail back to Boston where I met with Terry for a quick chat/goodbye before heading to South Station to begin the long trip back. Four and a half ours later this bus ride isn’t looking so much better than the last… Someone has to hold me to this train resolution!!

Have The Spring Lake Five Miler up next on the schedule! The race has been run every Memorial Day since 1977 and actually passes right by the new house. Since “summer at the shore begins with The Spring Lake 5” I have to do it, right? Can’t wait!


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