Spring Lake Five

Goal: 5:45 pace, 5x1min hard/1min easy after race, WIN

Actual: 27:51 (5:34 pace), PR, 5x1min hard/1min easy after race, 2nd female/12th overall

I was really looking forward to this race all week! I think NYRR does an amazing job putting on races but there is also something pretty awesome about local races. Even though the Spring Lake Five is a “locals” race it is the largest five mile race in the US! Woke up to less than perfect weather, but running the race meant not having to do a workout solo so I didn’t mind. The race director who also happens to own one of the real estate agencies on 3rd Ave in Spring Lake (Main Street) had sent me an email with a few instructions but did not mention bag check or anything of that sort, so I left the house (0.75mi from the start) 45 mins before the 8:30am start time with racing flats on and throwaway long sleeve. Did a longer warm-up than usual to account for the low 40 degree temps and arrived at the start line at 8:15am. Moments before the gun I spotted six-time All-American Amanda Marino (Villanova) and laughed to myself. She lives in the area so it wasn’t out of the question that she would show up. Made a bee-line for her after the gun went off to say hi and stayed with her for about a mile before dropping back a bit. This left me in no man’s land. I wasn’t in a position to race Amanda but was still running faster than planned. Came through the first mile in 5:28 and tried to settle in a bit running a 5:45 second mile. First two miles were run into a 14mph headwind along the ocean so effort was definitely greater than the pace revealed. After the second mile, and for the remainder of the race apart from the last 600m, the wind was much more favorable. Lots of fans lined the streets downtown and I had a huge cheering squad outside of our house! Mom and Maris had recruited all of our new neighbors to cheer for me. I ran negative splits and felt great at the finish. Found Amanda and met some of her Runner’s High teammates. Hopefully I can meet up with them at the Manasquan Reservoir for long runs this summer. The original plan had been to start my cool-down from the finish so I could do the rest of my workout, but after I visited the awards tent I had to revise my plans. I shuffled home with my new medal, mug and large glass serving bowl all emblazoned with the race logo. After I dropped off my prizes I started jogging. I wasn’t thrilled about having to finish my workout but felt much better than I thought I would so after 2 miles jumped into 5x1min on/off @ 5k pace. Considered running back to the finish on my second cool-down as they had quite an impressive spread (bagels, bananas, yogurt, power bars, chips, crackers, 6-inch Jersey Mike’s subs) that I unfortunately didn’t get to take full advantage of with everything else I was trying to hold. I got about half way there but it still seemed really far away and I was getting tired so I jogged back home. Next year I will be more prepared! Really fun morning! I am glad I was able to fit this one in the training schedule.



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