Week in Review

80 miles
17mi Long Run
1 road race
5x core
2 days in Spring Lake

This week felt about a month long but knowing I had a three-day weekend to look forward to got me through it! Easy backpack commute runs Monday and Tuesday to recover from the race Saturday. A work commitment Wednesday night meant that the morning was my only workout option this week. My alarm went off at 4:10 and I jumped out of bed and got myself out the door  and into the Park before I could change my mind. It was already pretty hot so I was able to make myself feel a bit better about the early hour knowing that it would only get worse as the day went on. Terry had given me a 10-13mi run with optional progression (6mi max) to test out my state of recovery. I have been avoiding the Park a bit, but now that I don’t have any more track races on the calendar I don’t have an excuse! Warmed up for about three miles before starting the progression. The first three miles were a bit rough but then things started to click and I finished up with a 5:49 last mile (6). I was home by 5:55 and at work by 6:35! I can do this every once in awhile but really try not to make a habit out of it as it definitely makes for a long week. Thursday I ran to and from work and Friday I did a shorter run with strides in the Park before work. Friday was an early close so caught a 3pm train to the Shore after work! Picked up my race packet for the Spring Lake Five at the station waiting room before heading home. Race day recap here! Woke up to great running although not the best beach weather on Sunday morning. After some leisurely coffee drinking and newspaper reading, I left for my solo 17mi long run on the Edgar Felix Bike Trail. I kicked off my marathon training on the trail last summer when we were vacationing in Manasquan. Our house is a bit farther away from the trail now and it involves some sidewalk and highway action to get there but our location makes for a perfect out and back long run. Once on the trail I was able to get in a great rhythm and zone out completely, two things that are nearly impossible to do in NYC. I felt much better than I thought I would after yesterday and was able to maintain a 6:48 average pace for the run. Really solid week of training! Very glad all of the logistics worked out. Four weeks until Grandma’s!

It has been a month since I made my Spring Resolutions so it is now time for me to assess my performance! I did better with some than others. I am going to roll these over to my Summer Resolutions and try to keep them going!

  1. Core 3x a week: Week #1: 2x, Week #2: 3x, Week #3: 2x, Week #4: 5x
  2. Stretch: still need work here…
  3. Chiropractor exercises 2x a week: still need work here…
  4. Strides 1x a week: check
  5. No cross-training: one Soul Cycle class that I couldn’t pass up
  6. Sleep more: still need A LOT of work here
  7. Eat healthier: zero pieces of gum chewed, took iron supplement ~50% of time, drank an additional 16oz of water at work each day

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