Marathon Training + Belmar Five Race Recap


After discussing a number of Fall marathon options with Terry, I’ve officially decided to run Twin Cities on October 6th! The timing of the race, the location (weather) in addition to the generous support of the race directors factored into my decision. This year the race will serve as the USA Marathon Championships making it even more appealing. I will be in the company of many talented women! I had a great experience at my first USARC event and couldn’t be more excited for my second in less than 12 weeks!

After a couple of “down” weeks, I bumped up my mileage this past week to get the show going. Although the heat and humidity in NYC made things difficult, my week was jam packed with awesome sunrise friend runs that made me forget about the miserable weather!

Was down at the shore for the weekend so jumped into my second Jersey Shore Golden Grand Prix race with Dad, Maris and a  couple of cousins visiting for the weekend. Mom zoomed around on her bike and was waiting to cheer us on at every turn. It was a family affair!  The humidity was so thick you could see it in the air but we still had a blast! This was my first up tempo effort since Duluth so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by how good I felt. My plan was to stick with the lead women and focus on place as opposed to pace. The race went out hard with three of us coming through the first mile in 5:20 low. I was not pleased. Luckily things calmed down shortly thereafter. I ran with one other woman until 3.5 miles when she started to drop back. Broke the tape in 28:06 (5:37) for the win! Cooled down with Marisa back home and enjoyed the rest of the day at the beach. Finished off week one of marathon training with a 18mi bike trail/boardwalk long run on Sunday. So happy to be back in marathon mode!




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