Week in Review

93 miles
4x core
4:30am progression run
20mi long run
2 days in Spring Lake

Can’t remember the last time I got above 90 miles so I’m calling this week a big success! Did most of my running in the mornings with buddies in Central Park. It has been nice to switch it up after six or so months of running to and from work on the WSH. The week took a turn for the awesome when steeple star/newly signed OTC Elite member Alexi Pappas offered to wake up at the crack of dawn with me on Wednesday to do a progression run. We jumped out of bed at 4:20 and ran over to the West Side Highway. Given the progressive nature of the workout a consistent grade seemed like the best option. Doing it on the WSH also allowed for me to finish at work so we could get a bit more sleep. After a couple of groggy miles we got things going with the intended workout being a 7-8mi progression starting around 6:40 pace and dropping down from there. We didn’t do the best job progressing and the workout (although still a success) ended up being more like a 4mi tempo at ~6:18 and then three miles of progression (6:07, 6:01, 5:47)  for 7 miles total. 

Terry’s plan for the week called for a weekend 20 mi long run that I opted to do early Saturday morning in Spring Lake. Woke up to a moderately humid morning (relative to the past two weeks) with partly cloudy skies and a nice ocean breeze. Had planned to run with Marisa for a good chunk but a huge and possibly infected blister forced her to turn back after just a few minutes. Told myself that this run would only make me stronger and continued on solo with a smile. I had my newly purchased CamelBak bottle to keep me company! The running is great at the beach between the boardwalk, Edgar Felix Trail and Allaire State Park but the water options are seriously lacking/nonexistent. After last weekend’s long run I knew I needed to figure something out. Compared to my loaded backpack this was nothing. I would have l liked to have changed hands periodically but my left arm is still weird from the spill in Central Park last summer so I stuck to holding it with my right. Will definitely be bringing this guy with me for my long runs at the beach.

Heat/humidity successfully beaten! 11 weeks until the big day…






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