Week in Review

92 miles
2x core
4:30am 3x2mi @ MP
20mi long run
2 days in Spring Lake

On the surface this week looks almost the same as last but involved a lot more juggling… another (too) early mid-week workout, a weekend 20mi run and two days in Spring Lake. Work necessitated early morning park runs and a solo Wednesday morning WSH workout of 3x2mi @ 6:00 pace with 2min easy jog in between. Had fewer buddy runs this week but the break from the heat provided the necessary motivational boost. ย Did another 20mi run (6:57 avg.) in Spring Lake on Saturday morning with 14mi of company fromย Marisa!! Couldn’t have done it without her support and awesome pacing skills!

This upcoming week will be a “down” week, culminating with the NYRR Team Championships on Saturday. ย NYAC is currently first in the Open Women Standings. After the race I will head to Spring Lake for the week. The vacation will be my first in a year! Couldn’t be more excited! Counting down the days!!


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