Down Week in Review

78 miles
NYRR Team Championships
14mi MLR
3x core
2 days in Spring Lake

You know when you are so close to the finish line but it feels like it is getting farther and farther away? That was my week in a nutshell with the figurative finish line being my first vacation since last August. Even though it was a “down” week from a mileage perspective it was a struggle. The planned midweek workout (Tuesday) was a 10-12mi run with a 6mi Fartlek in the middle alternating 1/2mi @ 5:30 pace with 1/2mi @ 6:30 pace.  My legs still felt a bit heavy Monday night from the previous weekend’s 20mi long run so Tuesday morning was out.  I had to work late Tuesday which meant the workout was pushed to Wednesday. I set my alarm for 4:15am Wednesday morning but just couldn’t do it.  I would have to resort to my final option… Wednesday night. Needless to I was not in the best mental state when the 6 o’clock hour rolled around. I made it 4mi on pace before calling it a night.

My last hurdle was the NYRR Team Championships on Saturday morning. This race always falls at a tough time with respect to weather and training cycle. I was excited to see my NYAC teammates for the first time in awhile but no so excited for the race itself. I talked briefly with some of the girls before the gun went off about a race plan but mostly we were just chatting and catching up.  I settled in with a good pack from the get go and focused on staying relaxed up the west side hills.  After the mile mark I started to inch away from the pack a bit. It was at that time the my left shoelace came completely untied. What a rookie mistake!! How does a triple knot come untied? For the next couple of miles I debating stopping to re-tie but wasn’t sure if I would actually get back going again if I did.  At some point I decided to just see how it went.  It definitely provided a good distraction from the race itself. I finished 7th overall and 4th for NYAC without a shoelace stop! Many of my workouts in the past month have been MP efforts so it was great to get something a bit quicker in the books. The NYAC women swept away the competition winning by over 20 minutes (combined time of top 10)!!

NYAC ladies after the big win!

NYAC ladies after the big win!


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