Vacation Week in Review

102 miles
8 runs
22mi LR
5x core
7 days in Spring Lake

This past week was my long awaited beach vacation in Spring Lake, NJ. The week was devoted to running, tanning, and sleeping! It was my own version of summer running camp. I was lucky to have decent running weather and great buddies to log some of the miles with.

I ran the main workout of the week, a 19mi broken progression run, on Tuesday morning. The workout was 4x3x2x1 (mile) with an easy mile in between starting at 6:20 pace and dropping down 10 seconds per mile for each respective interval. On the 3.25mi jog over to the bike path my legs felt heavy and I considered rearranging the workout schedule for the week. I decided to give the first interval a shot and see how I felt. Came through the first mile more than a touch fast in 5:56 and knew that the legs would be just fine. I averaged 6:06 for the first 4mi segment so tried to relax and settle in for the next interval (6:11 avg.) Was ready to pick things up for the 2mi segment (5:52 avg.) and really pumped to finish in a 5:32 mile for the final interval!  Terry reminded me that I had done a much more scaled back of this version of this workout on vacation over Labor Day weekend on the same path last year. It was so motivating to go back and read my Athleticore entry!  I feel like I really kicked off my marathon training with this workout last year and I can say the same for this year as well. 

Saturday I ran a 22mi long run, my longest of this training cycle so far. Counted that I covered 11 cities (Spring Lake, Belmar, Avon, Bradley Beach, Ocean Grove, Asbury Park, Loch Arbour, Allenhurst, Deal, Sea Girt and Manasquan) during the run over some celebratory ice cream with my fellow long runners later that night. Beach cities are super small but I still found this pretty cool. We timed the start of the long run perfectly and saw former teammate and Olympian Donn Cabral round the final turn of the Belmar Chase 5k in the lead! The run went really well and felt great.

Sad to see the end of such a great week. Back to reality…



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