August Training Recap

406 miles
(3) 20+ mile runs
7 workouts

I am a bit behind with my blogging so thought I would just update with a summary of the past month’s training. The month started off with the NYRR Team Championships. A low key vacation week at the shore followed, where I ran a training cycle high of 102 miles. The week post-vacation I ran 92 miles and followed that up with another triple digit week (100 miles)! I wrapped up the month with an 80 mile “down” week this past week.  

Highlights included a couple of decent 4:30am workouts, a 7mi tempo @ 5:53 pace, a 24 mile long run and a 10mi tempo @ 6:00 pace. The not so highlights: losing a couple of my best running buddies, the seemingly endless heat and humidity, and getting booted out of Central Park @ 4:45am last Thursday. Unbeknownst to me, Central Park doesn’t open until 6am. A grumpy park ranger redirected me to 5th Avenue where I got to run my very own 5th Avenue Mile. For anyone who was wondering the course has quite a nice downward slope… 

It has been a long summer of training!  Now that September has arrived race day feels SO much closer. I hope I am ready to take on the last few weeks of high mileage and high intensity. Five weeks until showtime! 


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