A Bump in the Road…Literally

September training got off to a really great start! I wrapped up the first week of the month with a 20mi run including 10mi @ 6:00min pace.  The following weekend Meagan Nedlo was in town! Although I definitely wasn’t the best workout buddy, the workout (3x3mi @ 5:53, 5:42, 5:51) was a huge success! I met Amanda Marino the next day at the Manasquan Reservoir for a great 22mi soft surface long run. Things got interesting last Friday at 4:45 am in Central Park somewhere between the UES and Harlem. A monsoon the night before had left the road a mess. The work week had left me a mess. This I learned was not a good combo. I hit something in the road and belly flopped onto the mud covered pavement.  I felt it happening but there was nothing I could do to stop it.  The aftermath of my 2009 mud run had nothing on this. The worst of the damage was to my elbow where I was left with a puncture type wound although tweezers were required to remove the rocks out of my left leg. 

The plan for the weekend was to head to Princeton Friday night after work to visit Marisa and to workout with new NYAC teammate Esther Erb. We had a daunting 22mi run scheduled with 15mi at marathon pace, the last major test. I optimistically decided to stick to the plan. Things had gotten ugly but I decided I had nothing to lose attempting the workout. Somehow I managed 20mi @ 6:20 with 15mi @ 6:01. It was most definitely one of the best workouts I can remember! Esther pulled me through it. We chatted during the entire 15mi marathon pace portion. I finished off the week with another run at the Manasquan Reservoir but this time with my Dad! I helped pace him for his scheduled 15mi Philadelphia Marathon training run. 

Another great week of training in the books but the arm (no longer just elbow) was not cooperating. One thing led to the next and I found myself hooked to an IV with an antibiotic drip Monday night at Roosevelt Hospital with a diagnosis of cellulitis. I’m on an oral antibiotic now and hoping to zap this infection as soon as possible. Cross your fingers for me. I don’t have much time to spare. Only 2.5 weeks until showtime…


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