Hitting The Road Again

Today was my first race since the Twin Cities Marathon on October 6th. I ran and won the NYRR Race to Deliver 4m held in Central Park in 22:35. I needed two more NYRR races before the end of the year to fulfill NYAC obligations and the timing and location of this race made sense. I had the opportunity to run in the elite field at the NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5k and at the .US Road Racing Championships (12k) but with my marathon recovery extended due to work constraints, I decided to wait a bit longer before returning to competition. After just a couple of workouts and a rough workweek, I didn’t have any serious expectations or goals for the race. Woke up to frigid conditions (22 degrees/25 mph winds) but knew my teammates would be out there and that a fun morning was in store. Although I am hoping to hold this pace for 13.1 miles in mid-January, I felt strong and smooth today so am counting this as a solid step in the right direction! I think this race was just what I needed to get the ball rolling for Houston. 

My brief hiatus from blogging can be attributed to the fact that I’ve had very little to write about since the marathon. My recovery was fairly standard: 5 days of off followed by a gradual build-up closely monitored by coach Terry Shea. My initial post-marathon fatigue was succeeded by a week or so of high energy and motivation coinciding (not surprisingly) with plans laid for winter races and then another couple of weeks of feet dragging. Terry re-introduced some up-tempo running about 4 weeks after the marathon and it was an unexpectedly pleasant experience!  My recovery following the Philadelphia Marathon was very rough. I now realize that this was due in a large part to the fact that I contracted the flu three weeks after the race. Thankfully things have gone much more smoothly this time around. 

Last weekend I had the honor of running with my dad (and Marisa) for the second half of the Philadelphia Marathon! Dad finished in 3:17.59, qualifying for Boston in his first attempt at the distance. Now I’m not the only crazy marathoner in the family! It was an awesome weekend full of inspiring performances. 

Next up for me will be the Jingle Bell Jog 4m (last NYRR race of the year) followed by Club XC Champs in Bend, OR. I’ll start off the year with the USA Half-Marathon Championships held in conjunction with the Houston Marathon on January 19th.  Excited for the next couple of months!


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