A Look Back at 2013!

Miles Run: 4,076 (77.8)
Days Off: 5
Races: 12
States: 5
Wins: 4

I’m really excited for what 2014 will bring but frankly am a bit sad to say goodbye to 2013.  It was an amazing year filled with new friendships, experiences and a little bit of redemption. There were some bumps in the road here and there, but I don’t think I would change a thing! 

This marked my first full year under the watchful eye of coach Terry Shea. I am so deeply indebted to Terry and would be nothing without him! With his guidance, I strung together a number of purposeful 100mi + weeks leading up the Twin Cities Marathon. I didn’t surpass my 2012 mileage total (3,891) by a large margin, but the miles I ran were of much better quality. By incorporating in one day a week in the 6-8mi range I was able to take fewer days off (5) with the majority of those days following TCM. 

I recorded PRs in three distances in 2013! The first came at the NYC 1/2 on March 17th where I ran 1:15:17. This race was monumental for me for a number of reasons. In 2012, I dropped out of the NYC 1/2 on the West Side Highway right around mile 9. It was the first race I’ve ever dropped out of. Looking back, it wasn’t so much the race itself or even running for that matter. My training had been going well and suggested I was in shape to PR.  There were other factors involved. Among other things, the reality of my working life existence had fully sunk in, I was sleep deprived and I was unhappy. Everything came to a head with the stress and pressure of the race and I just couldn’t keep it together.  After dropping out in 2012, I vowed to NEVER run the race again but am so glad I did. Not only did I tackle my demons at the NYC 1/2, I also PR’ed there for the first time since my rookie attempt at the distance at the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon (1:16:06) in September of 2011. Negative thoughts about my post-collegiate fitness and potential for improvement haunted me after a string of lackluster half marathon efforts following my first. This 50 second PR provided me with a confidence boost and the motivation I needed to keep grinding away. Three weeks after the NYC 1/2 I ran a 30 second 10k road PR of 34:43 at the NYRR Scotland Run (Team Points Race).  

I was at a bit of a crossroads after the NYC 1/2 with respect to my focus for the rest of the Spring. I felt that I had some unfinished business on the track after a dismal end to my collegiate career at the 2011 NCAA East Regional (34:44). I’d written off track after graduating, but started to get some crazy ideas in my head after the NYC 1/2. I floated the idea of running a track race by Terry and after a successful 5 x 1600m track workout at Princeton, I signed up for the 10k at the May 18th New Balance Boston Twilight Meet. I ran 34:08, falling short of a 10k track PR (33:55 Mt. Sac 2010) during a mostly solo effort in Boston but had a very positive experience and am really looking forward to getting back on the track at some point in the 2014!  I followed up my half marathon PR in NYC with a 14 second PR at the USA Half Marathon Championships in late June. Some more redemption at this race as Grandma’s had been on the calendar for 2012, but an unfortunate incident involving a hobby jogger at the NYRR Mini 10k a week prior to the race that resulted in a broken left elbow ruled it out! My final PR of 2013 came at the USA Marathon Championships on October 6th in Twin Cities! I ran a 2 1/2 min PR of 2:39:27 good for 10th place and nabbed the 2016 Olympic Trials “B” Standard. 


The USA Half Marathon Championships in Houston, TX on January 19th will be my first race of 2014! Let’s go! 


One thought on “A Look Back at 2013!

  1. Congrats to an incredible year. I had no idea you were coached by Terry Shea1 Although I didn’t overlap with him at Bucknell I’ve met and chatted with him and his wife a few times 🙂


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