December + Polar Vortex in Review

I can laugh at this stretch of training now that I know the end result. While I was setting all sorts of treadmill personal bests, doing an outdoor track workout in a snowstorm and running at the Armory with 200 of my closest friends that was most definitely not the case!
Week of 12/16:
85 miles
3x core
2x workout
1x strides
15mi LR
1x treadmill run
Workout #1: 3mi-2mi-1mi on NYAC Treadmill @ 6:08, 5:50, 5:33 with 1mi recovery between intervals @ 7:48, 7:33
Workout #2: 5mi tempo @ 5:33 avg. on the West Side Highway (WSH)
Week of 12/23 (Vacation):
95 miles
17mi LR w/ 4mi pickup
4x core
2x workout
4 days in Spring Lake, NJ
Workout #1: 8mi in 48:48 on the WSH via 4mi Tempo Run @ 5:47 avg. + 4mi of in/out 800s @ 2:41 avg.
Workout #2: 4x2400m with 90s recovery on the Wall HS track in 8:19, 8:20, 8:24, 8:19
Week of 12/30
86 miles
3x core
2x workout
3x treadmill runs
Workout #1: 7x1600m @ 5:35 avg. w/ 200m jog recovery at the Lower East Side track
Workout #2: 16mi run with 8mi @ 5:58 avg. on the NYAC treadmill
Week of 1/6
78 miles
2x strides
4x core
2x workout
3x days sick*
1x treadmill run
Workout #1: 3x3200m in Lane 3 @ the Armory = 3x3600m in 5:27, 5:22, 5:24 with 2min rest
Workout #2*:  modified 14mi progression run with 6mi in 6:31, 6:18, 6:11, 6:11, 6:03, 5:50
Week of 1/13
69 miles
1x strides
3x core
1x workout
2 days in Houston, TX
Workout #1: 6x800m with 3min recovery @ in Central Park in 2:43 avg. 

One thought on “December + Polar Vortex in Review

  1. Sarah-

    I’ve a fellow post-collegiate runner and was thrilled to see how well you ran at Houston! I’m training in Cleveland and experiencing a similarly challenging winter with this ridiculous Polar Vortex weather, so I too am unsure of where my fitness is at. I’m racing my first competitive half on Feb. 9 and take confidence in seeing how well you ran despite a tough training environment. Thanks for sharing your workouts and giving fellow runners a glimpse into your training! Best of luck this spring!

    Kaitlin Gregg (@runnerKG,

    Kaitlin Gregg (530) 304-9220


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