Boston Marathon: Week One

95 miles
1x workout
1x treadmill run
1x strides
4x core
21mi LR

After an (overly) thorough analysis of a number of different scenarios for the spring, I have decided to run the 118th Boston Marathon on April 21st! I may jump into a few races between now and then but that will be the main focus.

After a handful of easy days following the USA ½, I kick started my third marathon cycle last Sunday (1/26) with an 18mi long run with fellow Team T-Bone NYC teammates and Boston Marathoners Katie Sirico and Jay Holder . Another unfortunate stretch of weather had me back on the treadmill for my midweek morning workout of 4x2mi @ MP (11:56, 11:56, 11:56, 11:50) w/2min easy jog recovery. An almost tropical morning on Saturday (high 30s) made for a great 21mi long run with the Team T-Bone crew. I finished off the week with a shorts weather recovery run in the park!

So happy to be back in marathon training! Eleven weeks to go!!


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