Boston Marathon: Week Two

98 miles
2x workout
1x treadmill run
1x strides
3x core
22mi LR

Two midweek snowstorms kept me on my toes this week.  The weather curve balls just keep coming! I was back on the treadmill on Wednesday morning for an 8mi progression run. After a 3mi warm-up, I worked my way down from a 6:30 first mile to 5:50 final mile. On Saturday morning I tackled a Heartbreak Hill simulation workout run on a Harlem Hill loop in Central Park. This was my first time doing a workout centered around the infamous Harlem + West Side Hills AND my first outdoor workout since Houston. Needless to say I was a bit anxious for the effort. The plan was to run 3-4 2mi repeats on the loop at MP. I cut the workout at 3 repeats after finding myself in HMP range (11:24, 11:22, 11:30).  I finished off the week with a solid 22mi long run with Katie! We joined a huge NYAC crew for a loop of Central Park before heading to the WSH to complete the newly coined Manhattan Tip Loop (W. 59th to E.59th).

The weather definitely made things more difficult this week but everything got done!  Hoping to avoid the treadmill altogether in the coming week. Ten weeks until the BIG DAY!


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