Boston Marathon: Week Three

96 miles
1x strides
4x core
1x treadmill run
1x workout
22mi uptempo LR
2 days in Boston

It was another fun weather week thanks to winter storm Pax. No rest for the weary!! Highlights of the week included 2x4mi in 12 degrees on Wednesday morning, a snowy (5inch) slog on Thursday and a weekend trip to Boston!

I woke up to a zero degree “feels like” temperature on Wednesday morning but was able to overlook that small detail because the roads were clear!! The workout called for 2x4mi with the first interval at MP to MP+10 and the second at MP-10 to MP. Although I was a the slower end of the range for each interval, the workout got done. Every 5am workout feels like a victory!

On Friday night after work Katie and I made the trip up to the Boston to spend the weekend with a close friend and former teammate. Thanks to great planning by Terry (as per usual)ย and an awesome crew of B.A.A runners, we got a sneak preview of the second 1/2 of the marathon course on Saturday morning! It was a really great morning. So fun to meet more of the B.A.A crew! The vibe on the course was great even so far out from the big day. I’m a bit out of the practice of doing workouts on the shoulder with cars, crowds, lights etc. but we were able to get rolling on some of the key parts of the course to get a feel for what we will face on race day. ย I’m excited to get home and get back to work!

Next week’s weather looks better but we were saying the same thing about last week… Nine weeks to go.


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