Boston Marathon: Week Four

106 miles
1x strides
2x core
2x workout
18mi LR

This week was a bit of a challenge for me. The novelty of the training cycle has worn off a bit and the reality of the work ahead is sinking in.  On top of that the weather can’t be called “good” just yet. It is getting warmer but it really isn’t warm.  I had the day off on Monday for President’s  Day and while it was awesome to get in a solid mileage day, it wasn’t quite enough to help me shake the mini-slump. My workout Wednesday morning helped turn things around.  It was just the boost that I needed to help me get through the rest of the work week.  The workout consisted of one full 6mi outer loop of Central Park going with traffic (harder way) run at MP effort (6:05 for terrain + early hour). While I often run the full loop when I’m in the Park, I can’t remember the last time I completed it during a workout.  As soon as I discovered the Central Park “hacks” and an unobstructed stretch on the perfectly flat West Side Highway, I steered clear! My head wasn’t quite in the game when I got rolling at 5:30am but after splitting a 6:01 opening mile I snapped out of it. The rest of the workout went smoothly. I finished up with the two mile stretch consisting of Harlem Hill + the West Side Hills, averaging 5:58 for the full 6mi loop.

On Saturday morning I met Katie for an indoor track (400m) adventure at Chelsea Piers! Although temperatures were rising in NYC, the outdoor tracks were still covered and many of the paths flooded. I’d obtained two guest passes from a co-worker so we met in the Park and jogged down the West Side Highway to Pier 60. The workout called for 10-16k continuous on the track alternating 600m moderate followed by 1000m quicker. Coach Terry engineered the workout so Katie and I overlapped for the moderate 600m section. Wouldn’t have gotten through this one without her! Although we only made it through 6 of the 6-10 prescribed repeats, splits were faster than the target and upon finishing the workout we learned from the on-site coach that we had been running at least 415m per lap! Over the course of the workout this amounted to almost a full standard lap. This little tidbit definitely made us feel better about calling it after 6!

Chelsea Piers indoor 400m track. Photo credits to Katie!

Chelsea Piers indoor 400m track. Photo credits to Katie!

I finished up the week with a wonderfully warm 18mi long run with a great squad in Central Park! Although this week was a bit tough both mentally and physically, it made it all the more rewarding to complete. With two workouts, an 18mi LR, my first week in the triple digits since August and a PowerBar Team Elite acceptance, I’m going to call it a successful week! Eight to go!

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