Boston Marathon: Week Five

1x strides
4x core
1x workout
1x yoga class
22mi MP LR

It was a cold week here in NYC but we got a much needed break from the snow/sleet/rain!  I felt a bit sluggish to start the week after a big weekend but came around in time for Workout Wednesday. I was braced for snow and temperatures in the single digits so was pleasantly surprised to wake up to slightly better conditions. The workout called for 3mi-2mi-3mi run at MP+10/MP/MP-10 (3mi) and MP-10 (2mi) with 1/2mi easy between sets. I got off to a bit of a slow start but got rolling during the 2mi interval, averaging 6:15 pace over the 9mi with interval splits of 18:12, 11:28 & 17:46 respectively. The rest of the workweek was very cold but uneventful. Saturday morning arrived all too soon bringing with it a scheduled 22mi long run with 8-10mi run at MP. Sunny skies and “warm” 30 degree temperatures provided some consolation for my pre-workout anxiety. I was having flashbacks to the last time I attempted this workout on a hot and humid day in Spring Lake this past summer with my mom biking beside me. No mom this time but an unusually large crew of guys (Team T-Bone/Urban Athletics) and gals (Team T-Bone/NYAC). Even though there are so many awesome runners in NYC it is very rare that workout schedules align. The workout called for 22mi total with an 8mi warm-up followed by 9-11 @ MP. I’m definitely not the best with staying patient (aka on pace) during these longer MP tempos, but having the group made it even more difficult. We started with a 5:47 mile and settled in there. After finding myself in HMP territory for miles 7 & 8, I decided to call it a day. I hobbled home with Katie through Riverside Park and over to Central Park, finishing the 22.25mi run in 2:30:11 (6:45); 8mi in 46:09 (5:46). I wrapped up the week with an easy 10mi run in Central Park with Katie and Emily followed by a relaxing yoga class.  

Looks like the Weather Gods aren’t going to be quite as kind to us next week…Seven to go! 


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