Boston Marathon: Week Six

98.5 miles
2x workout
2x core
24mi LR
2 days in Boston

Another solid week in the books! On Sunday night I was feeling decent coming off the MP LR workout/weekend but not so motivated for another frigid 5am workout. An Armory workout sounded really appealing two months after my first attempt. Terry was open to the idea, so I made the trek to 168th street after work on Tuesday in hopes that slightly warmer temperatures + the end of the indoor season would mean the open practice session would be a bit less insane. After a relatively easy trip uptown and a “quick” 3mi warm-up, I jumped on the track for 2x(4x800m) with 90s rest between intervals and 3min between sets, followed by an optional 3280m (lane 2) tempo. Late night midweek workouts are always a crapshoot for me, but I felt great and really surprised myself with the 800s, averaging 2:35. Pretty early on in the workout I mentally committed to the optional tempo and successfully wrapped up the workout with 3280m in 11:16, a 10:59 converted 3200m. I doubled back ~8.5 hours later for a 14mi medium long run making for an intense 24hr stretch. The rest of the workweek was relatively easy to rest up for the big weekend planned.

On Saturday, NYC was graced with 50 degree temperatures and copious amounts of sunshine! EVERYONE came out of hibernation to enjoy the warmest day in eons! I had a similar workout planned as a couple of the NYAC girls so we met to warm-up and see if we could work together for the workout. We ran north in Central Park for ~2.5mi before making our way over to Riverside Park to start the workout. I had an 8-10mi steady state (6:15 pace) scheduled but couldn’t resist the weather induced spring in my step and ended up gravitating towards MP, running 10mi in 59:56. After the workout I hopped in the car to drive up to Boston to watch my sister race at ECACs!

On Sunday I met upย Sarah Bard, Meagan Nedlo (noting 3 AFDs in honor of the reunion) and Team T-Bone Boston (Brian Harvey, Eric Ashe, Alex Taylor) for my longest run of the training cycle! The crew was awesome and the run flew by.ย We ran on backroads parallel to the marathon course for the first part of the run. Once on the course we ran out to the 12 MM before flipping to run the 14 miles back to the finish line. The focus of the run was “time on feet” rather than pace, so the plan was to stop at or before the 3hr mark depending on pace. I hit 24mi in 2:53.23 right by the marathon finish line and jogged it in back to our hotel in Copley Square for 24.35mi total.

Next week might involve some sort of twist, but I’m trying to stay in the moment and enjoy the process which means celebrating this one a bit! Six weeks to go!


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