Boston Marathon: Week Seven & Week Eight

1x workout
1x race
3x core
1x strides

This week was quite the whirlwind, ending on a very unexpected high note after starting off on the rougher side. I had a hard a very hard time shaking the clunky feeling from Sunday’s 25mi run on the Boston course + 4hr car ride home. I slogged through Monday and Tuesday but thankfully came around in time for my Wednesday am workout of 2x5mi at MP.  The plan was to run the first 5mi interval counterclockwise in Central Park and then use the 1mi easy recovery to get over to the WSH for the second interval. I got in a solid 18mi (6:38/mi) before the sun rose with interval splits of 29:22 (Central Park) and 29:39 (WSH) respectively!

The potential twist I alluded to last week was the eleventh hour opportunity to race the prestigious NYC ½! Although it wasn’t a part of the initial Boston training plan, I couldn’t resist the chance to line up with an amazing elite field and a small army of NYAC ladies!! A few easy days followed the Wednesday morning workout and before I knew it race day had arrived! Although the weather wasn’t ideal, the race was a blast and I had a very positive experience. It was SO motivating to see all the amazing performances by my fellow elites, teammates, friends and family alike.  The race was just what I needed to make the final push to the starting line in Hopkinton on April 21st!

3x core
1x strides
1x yoga class
16mi MLR
21mi MP LR

Highlights of the week included some warmer temps (spring has sprung?), a slew of morning running buddies (visitors + locals), a successful albeit frenzied 21mi MP long run on Saturday morning and a Sunday sister run!

The focus of the week was to recover from the ½, ramp the mileage back up and get in a hilly MP effort LR on Saturday in Central Park. I met up with NYAC teammate and fellow Boston marathoner, Emily Mareb for Saturday morning’s workout. The plan was to run 4mi easy and then drop down to MP effort (~6:05-6:07) for 12-15mi. Katie, well into her 22mi LR,  scooped us up for the 4mi warm-up and ran us over to our starting point at W. 86th. With few other options, it was decided that the route for the workout would be a mentally and physically challenging 3x 102nd loops (~5.14mi). Emily and I ran stride for stride for almost 5mi before parting ways. Dodging other runners, dogs, strollers and pedestrians, a Joan Benoit sighting and a boisterous group of Princeton XC alums kept me entertained for the rest of the run. The park was mobbed and I felt like a chicken with my head cut off pretty much the entire time. That MP zen-like rhythm that I’ve spoken of  before or in Terry’s words “the Jedi-like ability to shrink 1mi down the 0.8mi”… not happening. I managed to make it 14mi (5:54/mi) with 18mi including warm-up (6:11/mi) before calling it a day.  I tagged along with sister Marisa, in NYC at the end of her Spring Break,  for her LR on Sunday to cap off a great week!! Only 4 more to go!


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