Boston Marathon: Week Eleven

80 miles
2x workout
1x strides
3x core

Nothing terribly interesting to report here but that is a good thing! Definitely don’t need a repeat of last time. A couple of things were eerily reminiscent of that week (rainstorm + staffing situation at work) but I made it through without any mishaps!

The dreaded “T” word has begun with reduced mileage and shorter workouts. The week started off with two lighter easy days. Wednesdays have been 20+ mi days during this training cycle and this Wednesday was no different. I ran a 15mi early morning workout with 6mi of alternating HMP/MP (5:49 avg.) and then a 5mi shakeout home after work. Easy runs followed the rest of the week with the last major effort set for Saturday morning.  Rockstar Jay agreed to join me for the planned 8mi MP tempo. So grateful for his company, pacing, and body guarding skills! The fair-weather joggers were out in full force on the West Side Highway. I had one last chance to test out the PowerBar gel, shoes, shorts (and of course the pace) planned for race day. Before I knew it the workout was over! I wrapped up the week with a fun group, run-spectating Deena’s record-setting performance at the More Magazine/Fitness Magazine Women’s Half-Marathon in Central Park!! 

Race day preparations are in full swing! The “Boston pile” in my hallway is growing. I have one last tune-up workout planned this week and then will head up to Boston on Saturday afternoon!!


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