The 118th Boston Marathon by the Numbers

Writing about the 118th Boston Marathon and doing justice to the incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience feels like an impossible task. Words cannot describe the magic of the day, the infectious energy of the crowds  and what an honor it was to be a part of such a significant race. Instead I have put together my own version of the 118th Boston Marathon by the numbers:

1,000,000 fans (but most importantly Mom, Dad & Maris!)
31,931 finishers
8:00.36 NYAC team record
2:34.57 official time 
5:54.6 pace per mile
1,135 miles run
92.3 average miles per week
33rd seed
22nd place
12 week training cycle
10 5am workouts
9 Dr. Kiberd sessions
8 Team T-Bone runners
7th American
6 indoor workouts/runs
5 22mi+ long runs
4 NYAC ladies
3x cow print in honor of the best coach EVER!
2 Double Latte PowerGels
1 girl STILL on cloud nine!

AND everything else too numerous to count: 4:30am wakeups, cups of coffee, PowerBars, Nuun tablets, run-commutes, bad weather days, emails with Terry, new friends, good runs, bad runs, and last but not least the amazing and overwhelming outpouring of support both before and after the race. THANK YOU!! From start to finish it was an incredible journey that I will remember forever. Image



2 thoughts on “The 118th Boston Marathon by the Numbers

  1. Great post, Sarah, and an even greater run!!! Ride that cloud 9 all the way to the 2016 Trials! Your hard work and discipline is admirable and your story inspires so many!


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