Spring Lake Five + Week in Review

So this wasn’t planned… but when the biggest five mile race in the country runs RIGHT by your house, the persistent race director lives down the street and the race is synonymous with the start of summer, it is very easy to be tempted!! After a jarring start I settled into a pace that felt surprisingly decent and comfortable. At about 1.5mi in, the women who had sprinted from the gun had fallen back and I found myself surrounded by a few guys. A mile or so later it was just me and Walter (said race director) on his moped! I had a blast. The crowds were awesome (especially near our house) and I loved every minute of the race! The best part might have been when I realized ~4.25mi in that this was only a FIVE mile race!! For some reason I got it in my head that I was running 6mi. I’m not sure how this is even possible in a race where the race distance is part of the name, but it definitely happened! I am just going to blame it on a long workweek and an early morning combined with a little residual marathon brain!

Week of 5/12
80 miles
3x strides
3x core
2 days in Spring Lake

Week of 5/19
88 miles
Spring Lake 5mi  in 28:03
16mi LR
1x strides
3x core
2 days in Spring Lake



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