A Day in the Life & Other Musings (Guest Post)

Hello! I am Sarah’s younger sister – the girl who stares blankly at you as you wave and yell “Hi, Sarah!” as we pass each other running in Central Park. Nice to meet you!

Since her last update, Sarah has been busy running the city and the shore as well – the Jersey Shore, specifically.

She cruised to a 5 mile PR and victory at the Belmar 5 on July 12th, running 27:44 and successfully defending last year’s title. The rest of the day was spent recovering – you know, alternating sips of Nuun and Dr. Pepper while tanning at Spring Lake Beach (ahem, sweating and roasting ourselves) from 11am to 6pm without a break.

Other than the Belmar race, Sarah has been keeping a low profile but consistently logging miles in anticipation her 2014 Fall Marathon. As I mentioned, she has been a busy bee, so I thought it’d be insightful and a little entertaining to get a glimpse into a day-in-the-life of Miss Sarah.

So, here goes – a typical Tuesday:

4:40am: alarm goes off – no snooze button for this energizer bunny*!

4:50am: out the door (there is a good chance Sarah slept in her running clothes – efficiency, people!) It’s a balmy 77 with a dew point of 76. perfect frizzy hair weather.Let’s roll.

Sarah has an uncanny ability to cajole her people into meeting her for runs at ungodly hours of the morning, so she meets a NYAC teammate or another running bud in Central Park for a few miles. after leaving the park, Sarah runs down the West Side Highway path towards work.

6:15am: Sarah checks her Garmin – time for work! But she feels good, wishes she had given herself more time to run, and tacks on another mile anyway.

6:30am: sweaty Sarah breezes through the turnstiles of her office, charges past well-coiffed men in suits, and dashes into the gym at work.

6:45am: in 12 minutes flat, she’s stretched & rolled, showered & changed (as the master of organization, Sarah packed her outfits for the week on Monday, so she retrieves a dress + cardigan from the business casual stash in her day-use turned permanent locker) gotten her double trenta iced coffee at the cafeteria, and sneaks her butt into her chair.

7:00am: the phone starts ringing….and ringing……and ringing…..

10:00am: during the mid-morning lull in the work day, Sarah has time for breakfast, and a quick update of her Athleticore running log. No more letsrun.com though, since the fun police (aka firewall techies) have blocked it at work. It’s a tough life.

2:30pm: Sarah’s boss is out, and her bladder is bursting since she’s become a champion hydrator. She hasn’t had lunch yet. No time for the long lines at the cafeteria – and she definitely won’t have time to leave the building.

The phone stops ringing for a hot minute, so Sarah sees her chance and sprints to the bathroom (shoot, she forgets to take her Ugg slippers off AGAIN). On the way back she stops at the vending machine for some salty snacks, and pulls some bars from her PowerBar stash at her desk. Lunch is served, my friends.

2:45pm – 6:00pm: Sarah spends the rest of the day on the phone, knocking the socks off her clients with her charm and small talk abilities.

6:05pm: 11 hours later, she leaves the desk. But first, she stops at the gym for a quick yoga sequence, abs, and Dr. Kiberd exercises before heading out the door.

6:40pm: time to run home! It’s raining – again – in New York. Sarah says a quick prayer she won’t get struck by lightning, dons her running backpack with the cute rain hood, and heads uptown on the West Side Highway, all the while battling commuters and tourists on the dreadful Citi bikes who can’t seem to follow simple traffic rules.

7:30pm: home! But first, a quick zip through Trader Joe’s for groceries. drip drip. sweat? rain? (d, all the above)

8:30pm: dinner, finally. Sarah is a connoisseur of the quick prep dinners – a necessity since her schedule hardly leaves her a minute to write a grocery list, let alone cook herself dinner.

9:30pm: after a quick perusal of the inter webs, news and a speedy channel surf (not much to surf, since we only have 20 channels – sorry I insisted no the cheapest cable package, Sar), it’s time to pack it in. Wednesdays are workout days, so she’s doing a 8 mile progression run (15 miles total) in the morning. It’ll probably still be dark out when she starts and finishes. Stay tuned.

10:00pm: bedtime! She’s no grandma, but seems to be living in a different time zone from the rest of us.

And there you have it, folks! 15 miles run, 11 hours worked, probably only 6 hours of sleep – and that’s just a typical Tuesday. On Monday she had a Dr. Kiberd appointment, on Wednesday she has a work dinner, Thursday she is getting drinks with friends, and Friday she is headed back to the Shore.

Did I mention her marathon PR is 2:34:57? Be impressed.

*After 22 years, I’m still not sure she is human, but I’ll report back.


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