July & August Training Update

What a busy summer it has been! I’m LONG overdue for an update so in the interest of not boring all five people that read this blog, I am going to cut to the chase and keep it brief. Chicago Marathon training is in full swing! Only six weeks left until the big day (October 12th). Thankfully we’ve had a very mild summer by East Coast standards. I fell back into the same routine as last summer, escaping to Spring Lake on the weekends after surviving the midweek grind in NYC.  Highlights included a 5mi PR (Belmar Five) in mid-July, a big team win for the NYAC men and women at the NYRR Club Championships in early August, weekly Wednesday morning group track workouts with the Team T-Bone/Chicago crew and my first time running over 100mi for three consecutive weeks!

400.4 mi
Belmar Five in 27:44
6 workouts

444.4 mi
NYRR Club Championships in 27:45
(3) 20+ mi runs
7 workouts

Although I’m sad to see the summer go, it means that my favorite running bud is back in the US of A and FINALLY my roommate! T-42 days until Chicago!



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