Chicago Marathon: The Final Countdown!

Another month has flown by which can only mean one thing…another marathon has crept up on me!
September in Review:
8 workouts
(7) 20+ mi days
September highlights included my longest non-marathon run to date (3:00:00 – 25.5mi), a 14mi MP run in 5:51 ppm, the beginning of (fingers crossed) a long tradition of early morning and late night run-commutes with Maris, and the completion of 12 weeks with a 99mi/week average!
It has been such a special experience to have so many teammates and friends training for Chicago. Their motivation and work-ethic has been contagious! I am so grateful for such a supportive NYC running community – my family, friends, and the New York Athletic Club. BIG shout out to Dr. Emily Kiberd and the rest of the Urban Wellness crew for helping me get to the starting line in one piece, in addition to Brooks Running (I.D.), PowerBar Team Elite and 110% Play Harder for their enthusiastic endorsement! 
Last but definitely not least, HUGE thanks to Coach Terry Shea and the rest of the Team T-Bone crew. I wouldn’t still be at it without you!
T-8 days!  See you on the flip side!



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