Links I Love (Running Edition)

I dropped the ball on a Chicago Marathon recap. In the interest of sparing you all the gory details, here is a great post written by my dear friend Lauren. Couldn’t have said it better if I tried!

Daily Relay: 26 Thoughts on the Chicago Marathon

It is finally NYCM week in the Big Apple so in the spirit of the week:
Couldn’t resist this oldie but goodie!
Running Hacks
If you run in NYC or ever plan to
On getting your head in the game and going for it
Some food for thought
The best RUNspiration delivered daily
A dose of real life RUNspiration
Because it is (throwback) Thursday
Ariana said is best when things went well and Wendy when they didn’t

A great NYCM guide and the latest from our leading ladies:
Lauren Kleppin
Annie Bersagel
Blake Russell
Desi Linden
Kara Goucher
Deena Kastor

Last but not least, check out my interview on the Urban Wellness Clinic blog Elevate here and follow @urbanwellnessclinic on Instagram for my NYCM week takeover!!


One thought on “Links I Love (Running Edition)

  1. Thanks for all the links, Sarah! Lots of gems in there! Sorry I missed you during marathon weekend, it was such a whirlwind and I missed out! Hoping we can get together soon! (Maybe Grandma’s in June?!)


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