The RTW (Guest Post)

Lil sis Maris back on the blog here! In my last post we took a look at a day in the life. This time around, the spotlight is on runner jargon and abbreviations we create ourselves!

What is a “RTW”?

So, while we can’t lay claim to inventing nor pioneering the run commute, we came up with our own lingo / abbrev (in typical fashion) for our nearly daily morning run – the “run to work”, or RTW. The run to work is a very specific kind of run – not to be confused with the evening jaunt / joggle / struggle run north on the West Side Highway after a day at the office; nor is it akin to a lovely, caffeinated, Sunday morning LR in Central Park. No, the run to work is a combination of a few key components/variables (stress on the “variables”, here).

First – coordination – the RTW requires careful pre-planning in order for seamless execution. Outfits are laid out on Sunday and ferried in a canvas bag that could fit a small child and stashed at the gym or final destination early in the week. Bonus points for dresses that don’t wrinkle, a neutral color scheme, and cardigans you can wear on repeat.

Second – praying – to the weather gods (of course), for both a NNE tailwind & clear skies – since the hair-washing happens on a specific day of the week, given the 5 extra minutes you must bake in to your morning routine…so any unexpected rain/snow/classic NYC precipitation combo can derail our carefully laid plans.

Lastly, a buddy – since the RTW can get pretty lonely and the temptation to snooze and reset your alarm for that post-work run is always looming, it’s essential (or pretty nearly) to know you’ve got a friend, teammate, or sister joining you in the morning.

[Need you think the RTW is always flawlessly executed, we’ve all had our fair share of oopsies – ranging from bra-less days at work (better hope it was cold out if you intend to keep your sports bra on), to trekking into the office in neon orange Nike Pegasus sneaks with your black J. Crew dress + cardigan (thanks Princeton Athletic Department for the school colors, they match everything!), to appropriated XXL grey gym t-shirts worn in desperation the day prior to laundry day].

The RTW is a pretty essential component of the full-timer’s weekly run schedule – our ours, at least – it’s pretty nice not to have to rely on the unpredictable MTA subway “schedule” (cue cold sweats after the express starts running local), and since you have to get to work anyway, it’s basically the most efficient way to commute and work out, all at once! Not to mention you feel like a bad a$$ when you slip into your seat, exactly on time, with your run in your back pocket like the best kind of secret.

So there you have it! A snapshot of our weekly ritual – the RTW.

views from the rtw home stretch

views from the rtw home stretch


2 thoughts on “The RTW (Guest Post)

  1. That photo is so unreal! I can’t imagine training in NYC, or even living and working around scenery like that! I also can’t image the amount of planning and coordination it requires on a daily basis. Does it ever seem surreal or are you totally used to your amazing lifestyle and surroundings?


    • Thanks Marci!! Marisa is an awesome photographer! The scenery is truly breathtaking and we try to soak it in as much as possible every day! This past Wednesday morning I ran through the middle of Times Square – just like we did during the NYC 1/2. It was awesome! Thought of you 🙂


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