Hanging on by a Hamstring

As usual many months have passed since my last blog post and unfortunately this time around the update is a lot more like this than this. WARNING: In the interest of keeping this short and (relatively) sweet, an excessive amount of GIFs will be used. So here we go…

Where have you been? After a great experience at Grandma’s in June,  I was eager to get back into the swing of marathon training with a full build-up. Chicago was close but seemed like a solid bet. I set my sights on a PR and got to work. My body had other plans. Training felt like this. 

Then what happened? This kind of email arrived in my inbox on September 3rd. It was from Susan Dun the USA Team Manager for the World 50k Championships offering me a spot on the team. I excitedly accepted and booked a ticket to Doha, Qatar. How could I turn down a spot on Team USA?!

And then? Everything about the experience was out of this world amazing except one teeny part: with about 10K left in the 50K race, my left hamstring did this. After 13 years of proximal hamstring tendinopathy that started during my years of competitive figure skating,  and continued on with me into my running career, my hammy was done.  I finished the race even thought it felt like this, survived the 14 hour flight home sitting next to this, and found out a few days later (MRI) that I had suffered a complete full-thickness tear of the left hamstring origin from the initial tuberosity with 3.1 cm tendon retraction superimposed on severe hamstring tendinosis.

Translation please!  I ripped my hamstring out of my ass and it needed to be reattached. Surgery would be the only way to reattach and reattaching would be the only way I would walk without a limp.

Is this a common injury? Nope! Usually happens to these types who do this or this.

How long is the recovery? #$%&?!

What is next? Returned home from HSS on 11/30 after a successful surgery performed by Drs. Answorth Allen & Duretti Fufa. Thanks to this superstar for getting me in with the best! Now lots of this, this and this!!

Stay tuned here for more (serious?) updates on my recovery!! xo Sarah



3 thoughts on “Hanging on by a Hamstring

  1. How was the 50K going up until 40K? What was your marathon split? Do you think if you hadn’t run that 50K, this would not have happened, or were you just due?


    • I was VERY overdue! Was only a matter of time before this happened. I started the race wearing a prescription Lidocaine patch on the affected area. My hip gave out early in the race ~12k in and from that point on I was applying topical Voltaren every 5k and also took a heavy dosage of Tylenol mid-race. Things drastically worsened at 40k. Marathon split was 2:50ish which was decent given shape I was in + 80 degrees and 80% humidity…


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