New Year, New Hamstring, New Team!

My surgery is in the past – 64 days to be exact.  I am fighting to put it behind me even though my return to running remains far in the future. This year will be a challenge, but a challenge I will do my best to embrace.

  • I WILL find joy in the healing process.
  • I WILL learn to celebrate the small victories.
  • I WILL enjoy the journey.
  • I WILL never try to get back to “where I was.”
  • I WILL always be grateful for my team!!

I am so indebted to those who have stuck by my side – my true crew –  and am humbled by those who have joined during this time of uncertainty.

Team TBone: Coach Terry Shea (AKA TBone) had 13 athletes run at the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials. Need I say more?!

New York Athletic Club: The New York Athletic Club was founded in 1868 in order to bring structure to the nascent world of amateur sport. In its journey through the ensuing decades, the NYAC has evolved to become an athletic powerhouse, globally renowned in sports such as wrestling, fencing, judo, water polo, rowing and track and field. Concurrently, the NYAC has become a part of the cultural fabric of New York City. Through it all, the NYAC remains steadfastly committed to its roots, supporting athletes at the highest levels of Olympic competition while providing world class facilities at its two locations.

Skechers PerformanceSkechers Performance strives to create a unique partnership between the athlete and brand, with a solid foundation and philosophy of listening to the athlete. Their award-winning footwear and apparel are designed and engineered to the athlete’s standards. Skechers is proud to have many accomplished and elite athletes representing the brand, like marathoners Meb and Kara Goucher; pro golfers Matt Kuchar, Belén Mozo, Colin Montgomerie, Billy Andrade, Russell Knox, and Ashlan Ramsey; and many other runners and triathletes. Skechers is also  the proud sponsors of the Houston Marathon and the Skechers PerformanceLos Angeles Marathon.

GLUKOS: GLUKOS founder Mark Jensen, a former collegiate runner and Ironman competitor, realized there was a gap in the energy product market. This led him to extensive research and development to find the optimum source of energy that was both healthy and effective for athletes, similar to an oral IV. GLUKOS is similar to an IV because it contains the same basic ingredients, including water, glucose and electrolytes like potassium. Glucose is the only fuel the human body can use to produce natural energy unlike other energy products that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, which actually creates lactic acid, and triglycerides in the muscles that hurt performance and recovery, caffeine which artificially increases the heart rate and causes dehydration, and artificial sweetener. GLUKOS is available in five different products, including gel, powder, tablet, gummy and bar.

Wiivv: Wiivv is a bionics company that creates 3D printed, custom gear using 3D-mapping technology, accessible by everyone from a smartphone. Wiivv is building a better foundation for every step you take with made-to-fit-you insoles and footwear.

CEP Compression: CEP offers a collection of shorts, tights, shirts, short socks, knee socks and sleeves for running, biking, triathlon, soccer, basketball, handball, ice hockey, riding, golf and a wide variety of other sports. CEP products enhance performance and recovery through the targeted use of compression to improve blood circulation and speed up lactate metabolism. CEP offers the right product for every athlete to achieve a perfect balance between health and performance.

HSS Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Center:  Back in the game and better than ever! The James M. Benson Sports Rehabilitation Center and Tisch Sports Performance Center specialize in the treatment and prevention of orthopedic and sports-related injuries, and offer the most advanced performance services available today. Whether helping a high school basketball player or an Olympic swimmer, sports-related physical therapists and performance specialists help athletes of all ages and abilities get back to doing what they love-and do it better than ever.

T-143 days until I take on the Tusk Safaricom Half-Marathon in Lewa, Kenya. Please help me support Tusk’s efforts to use wildlife conservation as a catalyst to alleviate poverty, reduce conflict, and improve education and livelihoods in rural areas rich in biodiversity by donating here!

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